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Capital USA Dance Board Of Directors Nominations

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This organization only exists because of the volunteer efforts of many of our members. Those volunteers are how literally everything gets done, and the biggest providers of those efforts are our board of directors. It is time, again, to begin the process of selecting a new board of directors to conn our organization for the next two years! Read more »

Capital USA Dance November Update

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Welcome to the Capital USA Dance October Update
Hi, USA Dancers!

The nights grow cold, and the holiday season is soon upon us. Come inside and shake off the chill with a good dance!

USA Dance Tea Dance - Flier!

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Hi all,

Several members have asked for a flier they could hand out for our Tea Dance this Saturday, and we are happy to oblige!

You can download one to print by clicking this link.

See you Saturday!

USA Dance Fall Tea Dance

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Greetings, USA Dancers!

Here's a last-minute reminder for our latest experiment. This special event is happening this Saturday! Read more »

Capital USA Dance Update corrections!

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Sorry folks, we had a bit of a proof-reading failure on this month's update.

Please note that this month's dance is obviously NOT the Ron Curry Foundation fundraiser from three months ago, and that our September dance has already passed!

All apologies...

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