Your Old Username Must Be Re-created! PLEASE READ!

Hi folks,

PLEASE don't keep trying to log into the new site with your username from the old site until you have ACTUALLY CREATED THE USERNAME on the new site! If you repeatedly try to log in with a username the site does not recognize, it will assume that you are an attacking spambot, and blacklist your username and email address from creating a new account! We've tried to make this clear in all of our previous announcements, but it seems no one is reading them, and we are getting dozens of failed login attempts every day.

We were unfortunately unable to import your old usernames due to database corruption caused by spambot attacks. If you use the "Create new account" link in the menu to the right of the page, you will be able to enter your username and email address, and instructions will immediately be emailed to you on how to log in.

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