Correction, and a request for help!

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Hi Dancers,

Our sharp-eyed readers have reported that our NBDW message from a few days ago listed our Sunday dance as being on Sunday, the 16th of September. Clearly, this is confusing, because the 16th is a Saturday, not a Sunday. Never fear, though, our Sunday dance will in fact be held on Sunday, specifically the 17th of September at 6 P.M. at Danceland!

And now, a quick plea for help:

As most of you know, Capital USA Dance runs a program that brings ballroom dancing to senior facilities in the area. This program has been a huge success, but we've hit a snag. We have committed to a program tonight (September 14th at 6:45 PM) at Kings Way Manor (323 Kings Road, Schenectady), but due to scheduling, have no available volunteers to staff it.

We understand this is very short notice, but we would very much like not to need to cancel, so we are asking for your help. If you can find a couple of hours this evening to attend and help out, please email Karen Pulver at to make arrangements. We appreciate your generosity in advance!

See you this Sunday...

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