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Welcome to the Capital USA Dance June Update

Greetings, USA Dancers!

It's been a long wait, but welcome to summer! You may not need to come inside to warm up any more, but that's where an amazing summer of dance is about to unfold! Read on to see what's coming up.

See you this Sunday...


Curry Foundation Fundraiser Dance

Our July dance will, as always, be our annual fundraiser dance for the Ron Curry Foundation. This event will feature DJ'd music from former chapter president Gary Burgess, a rumba lesson with current chapter president Blaise Hartley, a dance showcase presented by Jerry Giglio and Priscilla Pare, and an elegant silent auction!

Please join us for this wonderful event. It's a night of dance and fun, all in a good cause. What could be better?


Official Chapter Line Dance Policy

In recent years, the popularity of line-dancing in our local ballroom community has grown by leaps and bounds. In order to accommodate this new addition to our dances, the board of directors has prepared an official policy on how we will welcome line dancers to our events. It reads as follows:

“Line Dancing is welcome outside the main floor any time space permits. If one wants to use the main floor for a line dance, s/he must ask a USA Dance Board Member to arrange it with the DJ. The DJ and the Leader will then mutually decide which music will be played and when this will take place.”


Chapter Policy Review

From time to time, it is important to review the bylaws and policies of our chapter and the national organization, in order to keep them up-to-date and fresh in our minds! To that end, we are adding a new feature to this newsletter where, from time to time, we will review important individual policies for our members. We've chosen to begin with two of our most important policies.

Harassment and Abuse:

USA Dance strives to maintain a safe, comfortable and fun environment at all of our events. Therefore, no harassment or abuse, be it physical or verbal, personal or sexual, will be tolerated at any time. We also ask that all our attendees maintain cordial interactions with all others, and that no unsolicited criticism ever be given directly to another attendee. The board of directors maintains a large presence at every event, and any director will happily take complaints or suggestions at any time. We encourage all our attendees to provide us with feedback.

Membership Terms:

Annual social membership begins on the first (1st) of the month in which an application for membership is presented, and ends on the thirty-first day (31st) of the month preceding the next calendar year, commonly called an anniversary year.  (Example: Application received June 5, 2016 starts June 1, 2016 and ends May 31, 2017).  Please note that this term continues regardless of temporary gaps in payment, meaning that in the previous example, if you paid your next year's renewal three months late (September 1st, 2017 instead of June 1st, 2017), your term of membership would still continue until June 1st of 2018, not September 1st.

Annual Dancesport memberships are on a calendar year renewal basis (Example: Application received at any time within 2017 will end on December 31, 2017).


Capital USA Dance June Dance

Our June dance will be held on Sunday, June 18th at 6 P.M. Our venue will once again be the Polish Community Center at 225 Washington Avenue Extension, Albany, NY.

Our DJ will be Erick Singleman, and Hershell Allen will teach a Cha Cha lesson from 6:15 to 7:00. Hershell will also present a dance showcase with his partner, Wendy Hill..

As always, admission is $10 for members, $13 for non-members, $5 for students and free for volunteers and under 18.


Upcoming Events

  • Sunday August 20th on the Captain JP Cruise Line - Save the date! This month's dance will be replaced by our annual smash-hit Dancing on the Hudson Dinner Dance Cruise. Details to come...
  • Saturday September 23rd at Wolfert's Roost - Save the date! Our annual black tie gala will cap our National Ballroom Dance Week festivities. Details to come...

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