Frequently Asked Questions - Website Help

Only registered users of Capital USA Dance can submit content of any kind. Once you are registered and logged in, look in the navigation menu at the right of the page (the section with your username as its title), and select the option "Add New Content To Site". You will be taken to a list of all the items you have permission to create.

Select the appropriate submission type, and fill in the form you are presented with. When you are done, click "Preview" to see what your submission will look like. Make any changes needed, and click "Save" to finish your submission.

Please note that unless you have been granted special permissions, your submission will need to be approved by the website staff before it is shown to the public on the site. This is to prevent inappropriate or commercial content from being uploaded by spammers. Please be patient. We will do our best to review every submission within 24 hours, but it may take longer in times of heavy load!

Registration with Capital USA Dance, is free, and completely optional. However, everyone is encouraged to register, as some features of the site, such as posting in forums and submitting events, comments, and photographs, are restricted to registered users. Also, if you do register, you will have a personal profile page on the site where you can post as much, or as little information about yourself as you like.

Please note that we do not make our users' contact information public, or distribute it to anyone, ever!

To register, look in the "User Login" section on the right side of the page. At the bottom, click "Create new account", and follow the instructions you are shown. After you submit the requested information, an email will immediately be sent to you. Open this email, and follow the included instructions to complete your registration. The whole process takes about two minutes.

Navigation of the Capital USA Dance website is hopefully pretty self explanatory. The primary menu, at the top of every page, takes you to all the major sections of the site, while the "Navigation" menu, at the right side of every page, provides a customized menu of options specifically for your user.

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