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These are the committees that create and run the many programs and events our chapter sponsors.

If you have questions about any of these activities or are interested in helping out, please contact the committee chairs!


The Hospitality Committee handles all arrangements for the monthly dances, and annual events, such as the Annual Black Tie Gala and New Year's Eve dance. Committee members greet people as they come into the dances, say goodnight as they leave and serve in this capacity, when needed, for any other events held by other committees.


The Membership Committee deals with all aspects of signing up new members, making sure applications are completed and forwarding them to the national headquarters. They maintain a membership database and keep track of any members who may have fallen behind in their dues and remind them to rejoin. Committee members are also available at the monthly dances to sign up new members or provide information about the organization and our chapter.


The Outreach Committee serves as a liaison between this chapter and our local community, dancing and otherwise, as well as the local high schools and colleges. They arrange local demonstrations at public and private venues that serve as a way to convey what this USA Dance organization is all about. The committee strives to bring together all aspects of the dance community, young and old, to enjoy ballroom dancing.


The Publicity Committee issues the Chapter Newsletter, which is printed and distributed every other month. The committee also makes arrangements with local newspapers, television stations and radio stations to publicize the monthly dances and other events. They solicit potential advertisers for the Newsletter and sponsors for the monthly dances and special events.

Special Events

The Special Events Committee handles all arrangements for new and experimental programs. Got an idea? These are the folks to talk to.