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Would you be Offended by This?

Dance Forums - Tue, 08/28/2012 - 11:03pm
I had a lesson scheduled with my teacher at 6pm tonight. While on the train to the studio, at 5:26pm, she sent me a text message saying that she was sick, and couldn't make it.

Well, 34 minutes is not a whole lot of notice, and I would have gone directly home after work had I known, but I understand that things happen in this life. So, I decided to make the best of it, and go to the studio anyway to take a group class. I also managed to turn lemons into lemonade, and got a 7pm lesson with a top teacher I've been meaning to try out with--who is downright inspiring.

So, I walked in, and there was the teacher and her partner, preparing to practice!

She saw me, came over, said hello, and said that she was sick and didn't have her phone, and so couldn't let him know that she was unable to dance (she had texted me from a different number). After some uncertainty, she ended up practicing with him for two hours.

Do you dance better in a stronger or weaker field ?

Dance Forums - Tue, 08/28/2012 - 9:32pm
We tend to be more calm and relaxed walking into the floor if I know we are one of the better dancers and have a chance of doing well.

However, our best dancing is against competitors that we can never win against. There we pushed our limits and just really have a go at it. Which sometimes mean it can swing both ways to either we danced really good or really bad.

When we dance against a weak field our dancing is mediocre at best never really bad but blah at best.

Does the field affects your dancing ?

This also applies to social dancers. You might walk into the room knowing you are one of the best dancer there or you might walk into another social and find that you are one of the worst. How does that affects you ?

Looking for a camera

Dance Forums - Tue, 08/28/2012 - 8:54pm
DS got his top choice elective -- photojournalism. Woohoo! Problem? Now he needs a camera, unless he wants to sign out beat-up school property and be liable for anything that might happen.

So I'm looking to get him a camera.


Budget: < $500
Must be digital.
Minimum 780 pixels
Compatible with MAC operating system
Easy enough for a novice to use
Must be able to make quality still photos. Video not required at this time, although upward compatibility would be nice, because I don't want to buy another camera next year, unless I have to.

Not sure what else, because DS is not conversant enough in the photography lingo to tell me what he wants. But still. Anybody have recommendations? I'm a point and shoot kinda gal. Not a clue over here.

(My apologies if this duplicates or mimics another thread. I searched but couldn't find anything similar.)


Martino and Michelle Latin Master Workshops and Privates

Dance Forums - Tue, 08/28/2012 - 3:07pm
Hey Folks,

Just a quick announcement that Martino Zannibelato and Michelle Abildtrup will be here in the Boston area for Latin Masters workshops this Saturday, September 1, 2012. They are #3 Amateur Latin in world (just recently placed 3rd at the German Open Champion) representing Denmark and it'll be their first time here in Boston. Pretty cool. So if you're not building sand castles at the beach this Labor Day weekend, check these guys out. They are also available for privates.

Details are here:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Professional Ballroom Lessons in Paris, France?

Dance Forums - Tue, 08/28/2012 - 11:04am
I am 19 years old (20 in September) and will be studying abroad in Paris, France for a year.

I have been dancing ballet and jazz for seven years at a pre-professional level, so I do have the dance background. I even underwent a few months of ballroom training, but nothing serious.

For personal reasons, I had to quit three years ago, so I am a bit rusty.

I am looking for a school that could teach me how to ballroom dance, but at a vigorous level, because I intend to eventually go professional.

What dance schools could cater to my needs in Paris?


La postura de Baile 1939

Dance Forums - Tue, 08/28/2012 - 8:36am
For those who are interested in the history of tango styles: Recently I found two vids taken from the movie Gente bien (1939) with dancing dummies in the background. Looks in either case as something close to the salón liso posture.

Milonga de antaño (del Carril and Garcés)


(Tango) El vino triste (del Carril)

Anyone going to Windy City this weekend?

Dance Forums - Tue, 08/28/2012 - 8:34am
This will be my first time doing this competition. I've been as a spectator a couple of times.

I'm only doing Thursday night Rhythm. But I'll be watching friends compete on Saturday and will stay for the show. I'm very excited to see Riccardo and Yulia perform!

happy birthday 3wishes

Dance Forums - Mon, 08/27/2012 - 8:54pm
wishing you good health, lots of wonderful gramma time, fine dining and all the other things our heart desires

Fashion Rings in Colors/Styles Suited to Ballroom

Dance Forums - Mon, 08/27/2012 - 5:57pm
I recently acquired a big lot of lab-grown gem rings set in 10k white gold filled or 14k yellow gold filled settings. Being gemstones instead of lead crystal, most have better color and sparkle than you'd get from a ring made for dance. And because I got these at a really good wholesale price I'm listing them for a lot less than they're worth and MUCH less than you'd pay from a comp vendor for crystal. Also they FEEL like wearing fine jewelry-the fill is thick enough the auctioneer's little test plate for checking gold thinks they're gold.

If you see one you like but need another size or want a different color stone, just PM me, as I have a few in other sizes and colors and can always check with the wholesaler to see if he can get others. Like I have this one:

In red as well. That one's particularly flashy and I may use the red one with my new red Standard gown! The pink one really flashes (its base color is a rosy pink that would have gone really well with my OLD Standard gown that I sold on here...)

Stefano di Filippo and Dariya Chesnokova dance together

Dance Forums - Mon, 08/27/2012 - 2:49pm
They finally officially announced it! Stefano Di Filippo and Daria Chesnokova are partnering up! :) I am SO excited to see what's going to come of this...

I Hope You Dance

Dance Forums - Sun, 08/26/2012 - 2:53pm

A lot of these on FB. Particularly like this one.

Confused World Championships

Dance Forums - Sun, 08/26/2012 - 10:44am
I never really paid much attention to celebrities, and in the same respect, I never really paid much attention to celebrity professional dancers. But now I'm interested in taking a trip to see some amazing dancing, and I need some help because my knowledge of these things is incredibly impoverished.

I was under the impression that every year, all the top professionals met in Blackpool for the WDC world latin and ballroom championships. Wikipedia told me they were in the fall, but this website seems to tell me they already happened. Further more, it says Michael Malitowski beat Riccardo this year, which I don't think is right, but idk...

This website below says that the Latin championships have not yet happened, and will happen in Austria this year:

So overall I'm very confused. Could someone please set me straight?

What to do when you think you look horrendeous ...

Dance Forums - Sun, 08/26/2012 - 6:40am
How do you bounce back when you learn so much, practice so hard, dance your heart out then get yourself taped at the comp or showcase and horror horror you just can't believe how bad you look :(

It is kind of disheartening and upsetting but at the same time you still love dancing do much !

How do you believe it when other ppl say you look quite nice when you really can't find anything good when you watch yourself ?

The Anibal Troilo Centennial -- July 11, 2014

Dance Forums - Sat, 08/25/2012 - 11:21pm
Tango dancers, milonga and festival organizers, and tango musicians around the world can be a part of the Centennial celebration honoring Anibal Troilo by dancing to or performing his music, and signing the petition for the creation of an international day of the bandoneon.
These are some of the proposed events by organizers of the Troilo Centennial on July 11, 2014:
  • Video 100 Cities: Bandoneons playing Quejas de Bandoneón. Special arrangement by Maestro Raúl Garello for solo Bandoneón, based on the original arrangement for orchestra as played by PICHUCO.
  • Photo of 100 Bandoneones: As in 2004 with 90 Bandoneones in Teatro Colon, gather together 100 bandoneones at the Obelisk in Buenos Aires for a photo taken by Aldo Sessa.
  • 100 Milongas with PICHUCO: Pay homage to the best bandoneonist of Buenos Aires in hundreds of milongas around the world.
  • International Festivals: Presence at international tango festivals the year of the centennial.
  • Internacional Day of the Bandoneón: A proposal to declare July 11 as International Day of the Bandoneon will be presented to UNESCO. Sign the petition
  • Film: “Tu Ternura mi destino” fictional story on the life of Anibal and Zita Troilo.
  • Museum of the Bandoneón: Continued dedication to the creation of the Aníbal Troilo Bandoneón Museum in the city of Buenos Aires.
translated from text at on the centennial page
Pass along the information to your milonga and festival organizers.

RIP Neil Armstrong

Dance Forums - Sat, 08/25/2012 - 7:53pm
Will always remember sitting in the living room and watching that live...

Neil Armstrong, 1st man on the moon, dies at 82

body contact in paso frame?

Dance Forums - Sat, 08/25/2012 - 11:29am
When I watch Karina/Slavik's Dancing Basics with Passion DVD for Paso, I notice for many figures they dance in a frame that is very close, almost standardish. For Paso, is the distance between the partners more stylistic, or are there certain figures/movements where one is supposed to be closer than others. I notice that in general I don't necessarily see that, so is that just something that is part of their interpretation of it, or is there some sort of time when one would choose to be closer rather than farther (besides an aesthetic preference)

DC where to dance

Dance Forums - Sat, 08/25/2012 - 8:17am
Hi, Im new to argentine tango and will be in DC this weekend. Where do i go for milonga? whats best? I see on the capital tangueros page theres a number of events in the area but not sure whats good.


Embassy Ball 2012 Heats are listed

Dance Forums - Fri, 08/24/2012 - 10:24pm
Heats sheets now posted for Embassy Ball 2012.
I have received the surprise of my life....apparently not only am I dancing all my single Bronze Smooth entries on Thursday......I have to return on Sunday to dance only my scholarship(s).

Who turns pro more often? Pro/am dancers or Am/Am?

Dance Forums - Fri, 08/24/2012 - 9:44pm
I have seen several awesome amateur dancers of late who seem to be able to dance just as well as their pro and it got me to wondering. How many of these dancers (of pro/am) decide to jump right into the pro category rather than finding another amateur dancer? Or do most find an amateur partner first and then go pro later?

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